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We are committed to forging strategic, lasting relationships with our customers through our superior service offerings and our focus on integrity in every interaction. By partnering with UCW Logistics, our clients can focus on growing their core business knowing that we are dedicated to delivering on our promises.

- Evan Cramer
  President, UCW Logistics


UCW Logistics and UCW Transport leverage a 90-year history of operations to offer logistics services and truckload transportation that provide a competitive advantage to our customers' supply chains. We are a third-party logistics provider that develops and implements best practices and cost-effective solutions for companies across North America.

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UCW is a partner that understands clients' needs and the importance of strategic relationships. The company operates with the highest integrity and provides a customer service focused culture based on the following foundation:

  • Service

    The greatest value that we provide to our customers is a high level of service while handling their supply chain needs.
  • Integrity

    Our integrity is non-negotiable whether dealing with customers, suppliers or employees.
  • Communication

    Our communication is based on customer needs and is consistent, timely and valuable.
  • Technology

    We implement industry leading technology to increase reliability, communication and efficiency.
  • Visibility

    Our commitment to communication provides our customers with consistent knowledge of the status of their freight.
  • Reporting

    We work with customers to provide periodic reporting that fits their needs.
  • Flexibility

    We provide flexibility to our customers by managing their supply chains so that they can focus on their core business.

UCW Logistics is a privately held third party logistics provider with corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN, operational headquarters in Greenville, SC and offices in Winston-Salem, NC and Charleston, SC. The company began in 1925 as a highly specialized cotton supply chain company managing all phases from farming and processing to merchandising and distribution. UCW Logistics continues to offer diverse services from cotton warehousing, distribution, and certification, to steel distribution, third party warehouse and third party warehouse management, and is continually expanding logistics services to best serve existing and new clients.